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Logo and Branding Design

Is your brand or logo losing you business?

The quality of your branding can mean the difference between success and failure. Given the choice of a brand that looks fresh and up to date or one that looks tired and old-fashioned - who would you pick? Trust us, first impressions really do count.

How you're perceived will depend on the effort you put into your marketing communication. It's your personality. No matter what size your business is, branding is essential to differentiate yourself from the competition. Your logo design is central to your brand. Compare your logo with your competitors. If it's not better or at least as compelling, then you need some logo surgery. And sharpish. Without a logo – or worse, with a poorly designed logo – your organisation may look amateurish. You may be thinking "I can live without a logo". Well maybe you can. But, a great logo will help your customers identify you instantly and give them confidence.

We've got bags of experience in creating great logos for all kinds of businesses. We will work with you to get the one that's perfect for yours. Keep a similar look and feel throughout all your communications to help people become familiar with your brand. Familiarity leads to trust. Trust leads to sales. And we don't have to tell you what sales lead to (kerching!). Apply a consistent look and feel to any marketing material, product and advertising through a coherent use of colours, themes, design elements and typefaces.

Remember - if you can see it, you can brand it.

Your new Corporate Identity package needn't cost you a packet. We're here to guide in finding the perfect solution for you and your pocket.

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